A Guide to AMD

Updated: Mar 3

AMD is one of the most well-known CPU and GPU brand in the world. With an impressive range of variety and power, AMD has managed to go on to become a dominant player in the CPU and GPU market. Their Ryzen and Radeon lineup have nearly become household names and have captured a decent share of the CPU market share and a bit of the GPU market.

I am here to explain to you the uses of the AMD lineup and to help you decide exactly what processor you need.

Ryzen (CPU)

Ryzen 3 (Entry-Level) (14nm)

The Ryzen 3 lineup is AMD's entry-level lineup. These chips are slightly better than the I3 chips in the Intel lineup. These chips have 4 cores and 4 threads. These chips retail for Rs.7000 or $100. AMD chips are usually more budget based than Intel, and in many cases, perform better than their counterpart. These chips are built on a 14nm process and are using the same tech that Intel uses on its older I3 lineup. However, AMD's Ryzen lineup does give you more of a bang for your buck.

Ryzen 5 (Mainstream) (7nm)

The Ryzen 5 is AMD's take on Intel's I5 lineup

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